The Orton-Gillingham Approach

Sandhills School is the only Orton-Gillingham accredited college-preparatory 1st-12th grade school in South Carolina. Sandhills uses the Orton-Gillingham approach, a brain-based, research-proven instructional approach for intelligent students struggling to acquire reading and writing skills. 

The renowned Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching has proven to be the best instruction for educating students with dyslexia and similar learning differences. Infinitely adaptable, Orton-Gillingham offers evidence-based, multisensory instruction that encourages students to think. We actively incorporate the auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic modalities and integrate the educational technology when appropriate. 

Previously taught material is continually reviewed and new material is introduced systematically, so that the student may experience a high degree of success in every lesson, and gain confidence as well as skill. Sandhills uses the students’ achievement to develop self-confidence and make learning a positive experience.

Research Based, Proven Success

The Orton-Gillingham Principles at Work