M1 Overview & Curriculum

Welcome to Middle School!

The M1 year is a time for growing academically and socially. Students begin to build relationships with peers that will last through middle school and into high school, and gain an understanding of how to communicate with each other through class discussions, MI Clubs, and peer edits. Students work on executive functioning and study skills to help them find success in the classroom as well as independent homework and study time. M1 students practice time management strategies as their extracurricular activities increase and they must balance school and play. 

What skills are emphasized in the M1 year?

  • Executive Functioning skills such as writing down assignments, using an online calendar, organization of physical and electronic documents, and note taking, to name a few
  • Community Building with grade level peers and other middle school classes
  • Independence & Self Advocacy - M1 Students are encouraged to seek out answers with the guidance of their teachers and learn to schedule a time to meet with their teachers if they have are having social or academic trouble

M1 Curriculum

What are the M1s up to?

smiling family at harvest festival luncheon
students in Halloween costumes at Fall Ball
Students playing with giant pile of legos on the floor

Transitioning to Middle School is tough. Our teachers are here to help.

M1 Homeroom Teacher