High School

Sandhills High School courses are designed to prepare every high school student to be ready for the academic challenges of college.  High school teachers create a balance of rigor and support to assist each student with reaching his/her potential and to provide the knowledge and skills required for college success as well as the ability to attend the college of choice. Teachers create a positive classroom environment where students can take on new challenges with confidence. The Orton-Gillingham approach is incorporated into how material is presented and assessed within each course. Sandhills graduates exceed the South Carolina state graduation requirements and meet all South Carolina four-year college requirements. The concepts are taught in a systematic and sequential manner within each course. Diagnostic and prescriptive analysis is used to adjust assignments and present content to optimize learning for each student.

  • New concepts are introduced using clear auditory explanations, visual examples, and many opportunities for written practice. Students practice concepts using a variety of modalities including: paper, large classroom whiteboards, individual whiteboards, Chromebooks and Promethean Boards.

  • Students are exposed to a variety of learning formats: independent work, collaborative projects, class discussions and debates, lab experiments, peer editing and review, and one-on-one conferencing.

  • Study Skills and strategies are incorporated and applied within each subject area.

  • Interactive notebooks, teacher-created note sheets and note-taking skills are used during class discussion and to assist with homework, reinforce new vocabulary terms, and provide study materials. 

  • High School students are assessed through classwork, homework, projects, presentations, quizzes, and tests. 

  • Collaborative communication between teachers is on-going as teachers meet and email regularly to discuss teaching ideas and individual student’s needs.  Communication to parents is provided through bi-monthly email updates and grade reports to keep parents informed.

Helping students who learn differently discover their true potential.  
It’s what we do!

Around the High School

older female student reading a picture book to a younger female student
two students holding clipboards working in the hallway
3 male students working together on a math worksheet with highlighters
male student carving into clay in ceramics class
female student with shaving cream smeared on desk writing in cursive with finger in the shaving cream
student at the pottery wheel working with clay with a teacher behind her helping
male and female student working on a computer editing a video project
male and female student working with flashcards on a table in the science lab
male and female student working with a video camera and filming
female student in black top leaning through a window and smiling
group of male students working at the pong
two female students boxing up materials at a food bank
three students working on classwork in the hallway
older male student reading a picture book to a younger male student
male student writing in a notebook in an outdoor chair on patio
older male student reading a picture book to a younger male student
Student in wheelchair organizing canned goods at food bank.

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