Student Council

The Sandhills Student Council is an organization comprised of high school students with an interest in leading others and participating in collaborative decision-making on events and activities that affect the high school student body. The group is run by students with guidance from a teacher advisor. High school students in good behavioral standing who have been in attendance at Sandhills for at least one semester are able to participate. Students are expected to commit to membership responsibilities 

Membership Responsibilities include: 

  • Attendance at meetings: Member meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and Executive Committee meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month (both meetings are held during first break). Attendance is mandatory for all participants, excluding extenuating circumstances (illness, etc.).
  • Group service: Attendance and participation in group-organized service projects is required. 
  • Participation in one Student Council-organized event per year (Ex: High School Formal)

2023-2024 Executive Committee:

President- Matthew Jones
Vice President- Leah Monk
Secretary- James Bellon
Treasurer- Owen Cameron
Historian- Kennadi Land
Reporter- Claire Williams

2023-2024 Class Officers:

Senior- Zaria Crawford
Junior- Dylan Soper
Sophomore- Finn Kvam
Freshman Officer will be elected in the Spring. 

Student Council Sponsor