Sandhills Bucks Celebrate 100 Days of School Milestone

Sandhills Bucks, big and small, celebrated reaching 100 days of in-person learning February 1st.

Since August 17th the Bucks have enjoyed 100 days of learning and fun. That is 100 days of collaboration, 100 days of soaring confidence, 100 days of progress made. The last one hundred days has made stronger readers, better friends, quicker mathematicians and brighter writers.The Bucks have even enjoyed getting parents back to campus for various events such as parent council meetings, Founder’s Day, parent night, and athletic events.. 

It is with the tremendous support of parents and teachers that Sandhills’ students have been able to remain on-campus, learning full-time. Sandhills School is very fortunate to have a community committed to the student’s and teacher’s safety and well-being. That commitment and diligence to follow COVID protocols and stay home when ill have allowed the school to stay open for a full 100 days.

February 1st was a great day to reflect on just how much the Bucks have learned and how many accomplishments, great and small, the Sandhills School community has made in the last 100 days, and that is a milestone to celebrate!