The Annual Fund

Bright Minds Realized. Because of You.

Annual giving, especially unrestricted support, is the cornerstone of any school's operating budget. Sandhills Annual Fund supplements tuition income to provide for academic programs, extracurricular activities, and financial aid. In short, annual giving ensures continued excellence at Sandhills School. 

For nearly 50 years, supporters like you have helped Sandhills transform frustrated students who learn differently into confident, successful self advocates and leaders. 

Your investment reaps unimaginable benefits to realize the bright minds of all of our students.

Your support will enhance the Sandhills Experience for all students through: 

  • Faculty Development
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Athletics & Activities
  • Student Events
  • Financial Aid

Giving Societies

Sandhills Fellow: $10,000 +
Sandhills Pacesetter: $5,000- $9,999
Sandhills Ambassador: $2,500- $4,999
Sandhills Partner: $1,000- $2,499
Sandhills Buck: $500- $999
Purple & White Club: $100- $499

Annual Fund FAQs

Ways to Give

2022-23 Giving Report

Sandhills Fellows

The Darnall W. & Susan F. Boyd Foundation
Bill & Trish Eccles
Cyndi & Mikee Johnson
Genie & Bud Mann
Senneseth Family
Lisa Sutton Shaw
Barbara Irons

Sandhills Ambassadors

Sally King & James Buggy
Teri & Jim Griffin
Jeannie & Wilmot Irvin

Sandhills Partners

Ford & George Bailey
Kate & Eric Beckner
Tracie & Jordan Dickamore
Thomas Faulds
Melanie & JC Huggins
Mary & Hank Kerfoot
Lynn & Christopher Land
Pam & Buddy McEntire
Gunn Bente Olsen
Anthony Ryan
Linda & Thom Salane
Sheila & Michael Thacker

Sandhills Bucks

William Chapman
Cathy & Coker Price
Anna & Seth Rose

Purple & White Club

Whitney & David Aldrich
Hugh Burkett
Cindy & Michael Cameron
Nancy Glenz
Eric & Ann Gluse
Leeta & W. Capers Holman
Kate & Gregory Grabowski
Michelle & Philip Keiffer
Carmen Kennedy
Virginia & Stephen Lang
Joel Lourie
Wayne Martin
DoraAnn & Jack McKenzie
Sally & Robert A. McKenzie
Dr. Bill Mishoe
Lucas & William Moorman
Martha O'Herlihy
Lib & Billy Peebles
Patricia Walsh
Joann & Charles Warner

**Please contact Jean Barton if you would like to be recognized in a different manner in our end of the year giving report. This list includes donation information from 7/1/2022 to 12/14/2022.

Join the 1970 Society

The 1970 Society celebrates Sandhills School’s grassroots founding. In 1970 a group of concerned parents gathered their resources and formed the Columbia Reading Foundation to help tutor their children who were very bright, but struggling to learn to read in traditional classrooms.

Become part of the legacy of generosity and support initiated by Sandhills School’s original Founders. Donors that contribute $1,970 or more each fiscal year to the Sandhills School Annual Fund will be recognized as members of the 1970 Society. We look forward to thanking our 1970 Society donors at the annual 1970 Society Social.

Thank you to our Inaugural Members of the 1970 Society! 

Marcel & Cathy Bagley
Dr. John & Mrs. Ann Beasley
Eric & Kate Beckner
Tiffany Clark
Bill & Trish Eccles
Jim & Teri Griffin
Suzanne Gwinner
Bubba & Judy Hope
JC & Melanie Huggins

Barbara Irons
Wilmot & Jeannie Irvin
Mikee & Cyndi Johnson
Hank & Mary Kerfoot
Elmer & Tiffany Liebsch
David & Lesli Lockwood
Chuck & Ethel MacInnis
Bud & Genie Mann
Wayne Martin

John & Mary McCants
RC & Pamela McEntire
Dr. Bill Mishoe
Scott Nielsen
David Pankau & Jennifer Dumont
Gerald & Diana Peterson
Dr. Linda & Mr. Thom Salane
Lisa Sutton Shaw
Stephen & Lisa Waller

Note: Sandhills School's fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30. If you are making a calendar year-end gift, please be sure your gift is dated and delivered by the last business date in December to allow time for processing and depositing. 


For additional information, contact Ramsay Bokinsky by email or call 803-695-1400.

Sandhills School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and gifts to Sandhills are tax deductible in the manner & to the extent provided by law.