Dress Code

Students should be tastefully dressed and neatly groomed at all times. Students should dress to reflect the fact that they are in their workplace. They should strive for modesty and good taste. Their clothes should be clean and in good condition. The dress code is the result of discussion and input from students, parents, and faculty and is intended to encourage pride in appearance, limit distractions, and set standards among the entire student body. The dress code for students requires:

Sandhills Dress Code Example
Sandhills Dress Code Example
Sandhills Dress Code Example
  1. All clothing must be in a good state of repair and fit properly (no frayed ends of pants, no holes in clothes, and no baggy pants). Tight clothing and low cut necklines are not acceptable. Shirts with buttons should remain buttoned, with the exception of the top button.
  2. We have partnered with Lands End to help maintain our dress tradition, and you may purchase shirts, dresses, and pants from their school catalog. You may also purchase solid color, collared shirts locally and have the logo applied at Graph-itti, Sportswear & Specialty Co., Inc. (803-254-9380.)
  3. All shirts must be solid-colored and have a collar and an embroidered Sandhills logo on the right shoulder. Shirts may not have a visible team or brand logo.
  4. Outer wear (worn over regular shirts) that is worn in the school building must also be embroidered with the Sandhills logo. Outer wear includes sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, fleece pullovers, and etc. All outerwear must be solid-colored with no brand or team logos. College and team sweatshirts and camouflage are not allowed.
  5. All pants/shorts/skirts/skorts should be of classic/chino design (no denim, or camouflage please). Shorts should be no shorter than three inches above the knee. All pants/shorts must fit the student’s true waist with no more than a three-inch drop in the inseam (no low-riders).
  6. Girls are asked to be aware of the length of their dresses and skirts while at school. Skirts should be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Keep in mind that students will be running around at break. Skirts and dresses should not be worn on PE days.
  7. Boys may not wear earrings or chains (neck or wallet).
  8. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.  No bare midriffs are permitted.
  9. Students may not wear hats, caps, or other head coverings at any time in the school building. The Head of School may announce exceptions to this policy for special events.
  10. Boys’ hair should be cut above the eyebrows and above the shirt collar. In general, a student’s face should be easily visible. Facial hair should be neatly groomed.
  11. Tennis shoes are generally recommended.  They must be laced and tied. For safety reasons, sandals and high-heeled shoes and boots are not recommended. Flip-flop type sandals and platform shoes are not permitted. Tennis shoes must be worn on PE days.

Other notes on our Dress Code:

  • Administration may make changes in the Dress Code at any time.
  • Students may be asked to change or sent home if the administration deems their dress inappropriate.
  • Students may be expected to “dress up” for field trips or events away from the school. In instances that are not specifically covered in the Dress Code, the Administration has the right to decide what is appropriate.
  • Occasionally, the school will have “Dress Down Days” as a fundraiser for student activities. During Dress Down Days, students can be out of uniform, but still must dress appropriately. No short dresses, shorts, or skirts, no shirts with inappropriate graphics or messages, and no tight or low-cut clothing.
  • Please put your child’s name on their clothing.

**The Parent Council closet also has gently used uniforms for the bargain price of $5.00