Welcome from the Athletics Director

Basketball coach describes play to basketball player

Welcome to the Sandhills School Athletics page! I am so glad you want to learn more about the Bucks sports programs. Sports and exercise have been an integral part of the Sandhills culture from day one. Movement is so important, not only for physical fitness, but is scientifically proven to increase thinking and memory. On top of a variety of sports offerings, Sandhills students participate in PE during their specials period and have two recess periods every day on our 20 acre campus. 

When I started teaching PE at Sandhills, we practiced our basketball dribbling skills, forward rolls, and catching technique in the multipurpose room that is now the cafeteria. We played basketball games on the concrete court by the playground. Four years ago we broke ground on a brand new, beautiful Arts and Recreation Center. Thanks to the Sandhills community and donors, we now have a court to host basketball games, a weight room to condition, locker rooms to store our gear, and a wall to practice our tennis serves. With the growth of our athletics facilities we were able to join SCISA Region IV in 2018 and compete at a Varsity level for the first time in school history. 

I am so proud of the growth and trajectory of our athletics program, but I am most proud of the way the Sandhills Bucks compete. Sandhills athletes play with heart and determination. They win with humility and accept loss with grace. It has always been my mission to build a culture that promotes sportsmanship, emphasizes teamwork, and builds confidence in all of our athletes. All Sandhills students are encouraged to be part of our sports programs regardless of their skill and experience level in the sports we offer. We nurture athletes from the true beginners to the seasoned athletes in their field!

Photo of PE Coach & Athletic Director Debbie Smith

Explore our page to learn more about our sports teams, dedicated coaches, and talented athletes. If you have any questions about Sandhills Athletics, please email  debbie.smith@sandhills.school.

Go Bucks! 


Debbie Smith
Athletic Director

volleyball players shaking hands after a game