Admissions Process

Steps to Admission

  1. Parents are asked to fax, mail, or email the prospective student’s current psycho-educational testing prior to an initial meeting with the Head of School and a tour. This gives the admissions committee an opportunity to learn more about your child. Upon Sandhills receiving the psycho-educational testing, parents are then able to schedule an appointment to meet with administration to tour the school, discuss the prospective student’s educational needs, and to learn more about Sandhills.
  2. Submit an application along with the $75 application fee.
  3. Schedule a student visit.  Student visits are typically scheduled for 8:20 a.m.-11:45 a.m.   Visiting students have the opportunity to shadow a current Sandhills student, visit four class periods, and take part in a scheduled break in order to get to know other Sandhills students.  Student visits are always scheduled after the initial parent visit.
  4. Have your child’s current teacher complete our teacher recommendation form.
  5. Provide current school transcripts, health records, and immunization forms.  Parents must sign a release form included in the admission packet in order for Sandhills to obtain these records.
  6. Provide other service reports as applicable, such as occupational or speech therapy.

What Others Are Saying About Sandhills School

“The changes have been unbelievable! You can ask her peers, grandparents, other family members, and even her teachers at church and school. She almost magically came out of her shell. After her grandparents visited, they commented on how she was blossoming and the visible changes in her countenance. I have my smart, sassy, loving little girl back.”

“Sandhills is an amazing place. It is not just a school; it is an environment that nurtures talents, boosts confidence, fosters responsibility, and encourages engaged learners. As teachers, we are encouraged to see each child’s learning experience as individual and unique. What I like about the small class setting at Sandhills is the incredible opportunity to discover each child’s strengths and use these strengths to unlock new potential. It is this amazing opportunity to really know each student and how they learn best that makes Sandhills School such a remarkable place.”
Liz Hedgepath


Need Help?

Need help or have questions about the application process? Contact us via phone at (803) 695-1400 or via email here.