Great Minds do NOT think alike

Thank you for interest in Sandhills School. Our Admissions Counselor and the entire administrative team is here as a resource for you as you proceed through our admissions process.

Sandhills admits students in grades first through twelfth grades with an average to superior intelligence and a diagnosed language-based learning difference, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or ADHD. Applicants should have a current (within three years) psycho-educational evaluation which must include the WISC IV.

Sandhills cannot accept students who have primary emotional or behavioral issues, Bipolar Disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Applicants can apply throughout the year, and will be considered for admission on a rolling basis as vacancies become available.

Sandhills School values diversity within its faculty, staff and students.  It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or national origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions, policies, employment practices or other school-administered programs.

Students Are Challenged

Highly specialized teachers focus on the strengths of each student and help to navigate traditional obstacles to learning.

Admissions - Students are Challenged
Admissions - Excellence is Expected

Excellence Is Expected

Sandhills teachers are highly trained to provide research-based individualized instruction tailored to each student’s academic needs.

Differences Are Valued

Sandhills gives bright students who learn differently the tools needed to succeed and become leaders among their peers and in the community.

Admissions - Differences are valued.

In a Student’s Words

Sandhills students learn to be prepared for college and the real world, to always expect the unexpected, to look within themselves before looking to others, to rely first on themselves, and that even when you are lost there are always people to help you find your way.

Sandhills students experience a community in which they are sheltered and grow into whatever they desire to become; chances to visit new worlds and discover new things about themselves; a family in which they are not afraid to make mistakes or be themselves, to learn and grow, and to rise above all else.

Sandhills students have the opportunity to find the world before them is waiting for them with open arms, ready to carve their paths in history.

Sandhills students become whatever they want to become; whatever they feel the world needs them to become; above all else, they become the future.

~ Student ~