High School

The Sandhills high school experience provides academic rigor while retaining small class sizes. We understand how your child learns and we know how to motivate. We offer a well-rounded, comprehensive college preparatory high school curriculum.

Integrated technology in the curriculum is vital to continuing a multisensory and interactive classroom experience. Each student has access to smartboards, iPads, state of the art computer lab, and 3-D printer.

Along with a variety of technology and comprehensive curriculum, students have access to their teachers throughout the school day. Our administration with a cumulative 75 years of experience is dedicated to each child achieving their personal goals.

We to great lengths to ensure our high schoolers’ success as we are one of the few places in town offering individualized specialized ACT testing.

Because we have the best curriculum, faculty, and administration, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to the college of their choice.

But it’s not just great curriculum and individualized attention that we offer; the students have opportunities for success in leadership and serving the community. Besides academic rigor, we look at the whole child and develop the emotional and moral compass of students in a proactive way.

There is no falling behind at Sandhills.

As teachers, our challenge should be adjusting our practice to meet our students, not adjusting our students to our practice. This is just the beginning. My favorite uses for technology in the classroom are the opportunities it provides for the students to compose. Whether it be digital books, retelling the Russian Revolution, comics as a study guide for World War II, six word memoir videos or pamphlets on the Grand Tetons, I love seeing what the students can use technology to create.

~ Teacher ~

Before Sandills, I cried so many nights because of my growing concern for my son’s future. I couldn’t find a school that understood what he needed or even took the time to help me figure out how to help him. As a mom, it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that he is in an
environment with people who care just as much as I do about him succeeding…not only in school but in life.
~ Parent ~