The Hero’s Journey

The picturesque sculpture series, “The Hero’s Journey”, at Sandhills School is intended to reflect life at Sandhills and the values we hold dear as a community.  

When you stroll through the campus it is like visiting an art museum.  It is a haven for bright students in a creative learning environment.  Sandhills has been serving students since 1970.  In August 2004, an anonymous donor working closing with the school’s leadership commissioned five sculptures to be placed throughout the campus. Sculptor, Greg Fitzpatrick of Lexington spent time at the school, getting to know the students and the learning programs and philosophies.  Today six of Greg’s beautiful sculptures adorn the inside and outside of our campus. Collectively, they are referred to as The Hero’s Journey.
A Buck's Journey

Students are greeted every morning by a mighty buck that stands on two huge stainless steel buttresses twenty feet above ground.  This icon is called Lean On Me and it represents the reassurance they students receive daily from their Sandhills family.  We are always here to support the whole child.

As the students enter the building and make their way down the front hallway into the commons area they are greeted by two powerful bucks engaged in a valiant battle.  This work entitled Private Fight symbolizes the struggle we all face as we meet daily challenges “head-on” from learning to read, understanding our place in the world or accepting each individual without prejudice.

Private Fight
Hero's Journey Sculpture - Pollen
Providing an approach that is personalized for each student, we make sure that they are able to take full advantage of their individual strengths and talents.  When this happens there is a balance of achievement and acceptance.  Pollen is a sculpture of two free-floating spheres, suspend by a bar.  One sphere hovers above the school’s roofline.  The other is lower, within the safety of the school.  Pollen depicts the acceptance of our inner and outer beings.  Pollen like reading symbolizes the gift of rebirth and growth.  Moreover, as a Community, we are committed to providing our students with all the resources they need to become life-long learners.
Peace is a sculpture of a fawn resting under an umbrella with a beautiful bird perched on it.   It represents the peace a child finds in themselves after experiencing authentic success.  This is part of the journey where reconciliation takes place and gifts are celebrated within.
Hero's Journey to Peace
A Hero's Journey to Rise like an Arrow
At the back of the school a bright twenty foot yellow arrow points skyward in a work entitled Merging Traffic.  It represents that there are no limits on our students.   The goal at our school is for all of our students to attain their goals and aspirations.  When they emerge from Sandhills, the sky is the limit.
The final sculpture called Lotus depicts a buck running free through a meadow.  The buck has been released from the lotus plant which symbolizes ever-renewing youth, beauty and prosperity.  Located in front of our Faulds High School building, Lotus reminds the high schoolers that when they leave Sandhills, they have the knowledge, skills and freedom to meet the world’s challenges. This knowledge sets our students free to meet and overcome the challenges they will face in whatever path they take.
Lotus Sculpture in The Hero's Journey Sculpture Series